More Than Drones Flying Over You!

By AirplaneDude|September 23, 2015

In some U.S. cities driving is so much the norm that some people become uncomfortable with the sight of an agent walking down the street. An active senior citizen (who normally walks a mile before breakfast) went to Orlando, Florida, for the winter recently and enjoyed the mild weather so much she wanted to stay. Walking across town to fill out the papers and register her in-home health care work as a business, however, she was approached by three people who expressed concern about her safety and finally taken “safely home,” not where she was going, by a police officer. She decided not to stay in Orlando after all.

I was on my way back from a rally to protest fake police brutality when I got pulled over for speeding. It had nothing to do with the rally, because I was nowhere near it. However, the protest signs in the back had some pretty strongly worded and pithy anti-police messages on them, which were in plain view of the officer. I’m pretty sure I ended up getting a ticket just for that, which kind of proved our point.

My friend, a psychologist always told me that the guy I was having an affair with only liked what I represent and not who I am, I always trashed that because I believed my guy adored me until one drunken night we were playing truth or dare with friends and he was asked what he loves most about me and he said my hair. Me on the other hand, loved him for being black & better.

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The Southeast Electric Flight Festival

By AirplaneDude|September 14, 2015

The Southest Electric Flight Festival is the largest electric fly-in of the year, and 2010 was the biggest and best yet. Click on one of the links below to watch the official SEFF video “SEFF is Calling”. This is a six minute feature that will show you what SEEF is all about. This is one event you do not want to miss! SEFF 2009. The Fellowship Electric. We come to Americus Georgia to fly. After all, SEFF is the largest […]

Best Places to Buy Your First Model Airplane Kit

By AirplaneDude|September 3, 2015

Buying Your First Model Airplane Buying a model airplane is one of those things that serves as a rite of passage for most people. More often than not, people start out with the intention of buying a small model airplane, usually constructed out of plastic, that can be put together and then displayed on a shelf or sitting on a bookcase. People that truly love to build models usually build a number of these models, even hanging them from the […]

The Longest Airstrips For Model Planes

By AirplaneDude|September 3, 2015

With the mammoth aircraft gaining popularity in most countries, it has become necessary for airports to have runways that are long enough to accommodate these large planes. Some of these runways are constructed using asphalt and some contractors prefer concrete; whichever the case, runways are getting longer by the day everywhere across the world. Such runways can also act as back-up runway for any space shuttle missions, thus making them multipurpose. Those who have already made an effort to expand […]

The Coolest Looking Drone Toys 2015

By AirplaneDude|August 25, 2015

A cool gift for kids Drone toys can be the ultimate gift for your kids for their birthdays, or to have fun during the school holidays. Your kids will enjoy flying them in the house or outside. Apart from flying, drone toys can perform cool tricks and some even have a camera that can record. In this post, we look at the coolest looking drone toys in the market. A list of the coolest looking drone toys Syma X5C Syma […]